TSD Email Event Handler

This page contains release notes for TSD Email Event Handler 8.0.

For a current list of known issues in TSD Email Event Handler, please see TSD Email Event Handler Known Issues.
17/02/20228.0.1.136New feature"View Email Templates" object addedAbility of sending email notifications, based on a pre-set schedule interval, once a certain number of records has been added or removed to/from a Relativity View/Saved Search
17/02/20228.0.1.136OptimizationEvent Handler linking optimizationAutomatized the linking of event handlers to objects
1/08/20218.0.1.105OptimizationRSAPI replacement with Object Manager APIObject Manager API integrated, so Email Event Handler is up to date with RelativityOne
04/29/20218.0.1.98New featureScheduled Email TemplatesAbility to schedule email notifications by selecting different triggering options and setting offset value in days
04/29/20218.0.1.98New featureScheduled Email TemplatesAbility to add more than one send condition to a scheduled template
02/15/20218.0.1.67New featureEmail Users optimizationAbility to add non-Relativity users as recipients
09/25/20208.0.1.55Bug fixingManipulating
recipients of email
Minor bug fixing after
Regression testing
07/13/2020 featureMigration logicMigrating Email Template’s “Send Email Trigger Field”, to the new “Send Email Trigger Condition” object
07/13/2020 featureSending notifications for specific conditions Ability to set different field types & conditions as a trigger for email notifications
07/03/20198.0.0.19New featureManipulating recipients of email notificationsA new “Default Values Behavior” field is added to the Email Template. The field provides users with the ability to add extra recipients or override the default set of recipients
06/04/20198.0.0.18New featureSend files as attachmentsAbility to send files which belong to the “File” fields of a custom object and it’s layout as attachments
04/16/20208.0.1.14OptimizationCode refactoringRemoving redundant code and rearranging components
04/16/20208.0.1.14EnhancementImprove Email
Template’s layout
Migrating the manually filled text fields to popups - Object & Object Layout fields
04/16/20208.0.1.14EnhancementImprove “Email
History” field
Replacing the “Email History” long text field with a dedicated Email History Object
04/16/20208.0.1.14New feature“Email History”
Ability to preview all email history by navigating to “Email History” tab. The tab records all email history related to a template, if it's "Save Email History" field is set to Yes
04/16/20208.0.1.14New feature“Save Email
History” field in
Email Template
Setting up the field to Yes/No states if email history for the current object type will be saved or not in the „Email History“ tab
04/16/20208.0.1.14New featureMigration
Automatically handle version 8.0.0.X - version 8.0.1.X updates of application objects, tables, etc.
05/23/20198.0.0.14EnhancementEmail Template optimizationAbility to visualize new lines in the received email notifications
03/07/20198.0.0.13New featureSecret Store utilizationConfiguring ability to store and read SMTP settings from Secret Store of Relativity
03/06/20198.0.0.13OptimizationInstance Settings read optimizationOptimized the way of reading Relativity Instance Settings in order to be compatible with newer Relativity versions