MaxBilling Known Issues

The following list provides descriptions of known issues in MaxBilling as of 06/17/2020.

Date AddedFeatureDescriptionVersion Resolved
08/20/2020Case RollupExtracted Text Size usage is backfilled for correct MB/GB/TB conversion.4.0.1301.45
04/13/2020Invoice TemplatePreview button in the invoice template console is temporary hidden.3.1.1301.39
01/17/2020Case Rollup StatisticsExtracted Text Size is not collected for workspaces where Extracted Text field is with Data Grid enabled.3.1.1301.39
01/17/2020Users StatisticsUser Charge Priority order does not allow applying multiple user charges in one Pricing correctly.3.0.1301.10
01/17/2020Users StatisticsUsers who were part of a User Group which was to be excluded from the charge continue to be excluded from the reports after they were deleted.3.0.1301.10
01/17/2020Case Rollup StatisticsAvailable DB Size, Used DB Size and Extracted Text Size statistics calculation use "sp_spaceused", which is not allowed in all workspaces.3.0.1301.10
01/17/2020Production Statistics Advanced Formatting Production Baranding type is not considered in Production Branding Count billing item.No
08/09/2019Tiered Pricing Individual Report/Pricing items invoice template cannot be currently used for report billing items which have tiered pricing information.3.0.1301.36
04/24/2019Audit informationStatistics information for users loging and Case Flow billing items is being collected from SQL DB only.3.0.1301.36
04/24/2019Agents MaxBilling agents to log information for Client, Matter and Workspace artifact IDs only.2.3.1301.177
02/06/2019Repository and Cold Storage workspacesRepository and Cold Storage workspaces are still considered as regular workspaces and their storage size is not recalculated (applicable in Relativity®One).2.3.1301.249
01/09/2019Analytics Statistics Statistics for CA Index Size On Disk billing item is not collected and shown in the reports in Relativity®One and Relativity 9.7 and above.No
01/04/2019Processing statisticsRemoved check for Custodian table when collecting information for processing billing items.2.3.1301.98