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Generate Reports from Profile The billing reports can be generated either manually, or automatically - by setting schedules. (see Scheduler section) Once you generate a report, using the options in the Report Console, you can download the report as a zip file, containing Excel and PDF files, send this zip file via email or generate invoices based on the report. (see Download Report Files, Send Report files, and Invoicing sections)To generate a Report from Profile, open the Profile and click
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Generate Reports from Reports Tab To generate a Report Reports tab, navigate to MaxBilling Reports tab and click New MXB Report button.Select Profile and follow the steps described in Generate reports from a profile
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Generate Reports from Another Report To create a new report from another report, open a completed Report and click New Report for Same Profile button in the report console.Follow the steps described in Generate reports from a profile
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Report General Information The following information is provided for each report: Name – the name of the report consists of the corresponding Profile name and the reported period. Billing Profile – the profile that was used upon the Report generation Period Start Date – the beginning of the reported period Period End Date – the end of the reported period Generated Date – the time when the report was generated Consider Repository Workspace – indicates if the Storage Type
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Download Report Files To download the report files, open a Report and click Download Report Files button in the report console.A zip file containing Excel and PDF files containing the corresponding billing information is downloaded.Note: PDF report file is available for Single Client and Instance type of reports only. Report Summary (Client Breakdown).pdf – PDF report file is generated when ‘Separate reports for each client on the profile’ or ‘One aggregated report for the whole
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Send Report Files To send the report via email: Click Send via Email in the report console. 2. Enter the recipient's email(s). 3. Select Save and Back. Note: You need to have SMTPServer, SMTPPort and AuthenticationEmailFrom Instance settings properly set to send reports via