MaxBilling Settings

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Invoice Settings Skip Zero Invoice Generation - when enabled, invoices with 0.00 totals will not be generated. The option is not enabled by default, so 0.00 invoices are generated, unless the end users want to skip them by utilizing that
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Currencies Under Settings tab, you can view, add or edit Currencies, Pricing Item Types, Logos, Payment Methods, Payment Terms, Tax Rates, Attorney Information, Invoice Mapping, Invoice Information Fields, Invoice Templates, Email Templates and view or edit Data Tier and Customer Code. To add a new item, click New under each sub-tab in Settings tab. To edit an item, click Edit button in front of its name or open it by clicking its name and then select Edit button.To add a Currency, populate
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Pricing Item Types To add a custom Pricing Item, populate the following fields: Type – select the billing category to which your custom task belongs to – Task. (required) Name – type the name of the custom task. (recommended) Friendly Name – type some friendly name of the custom task. (optional) Description – type more information about the custom task (recommended) Allowed Pricing Units – select the applicable units. (recommended) Note: Users will be able to select only from the
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Logos To add a Logo, populate the following fields: Name - The name of the logo. Logo - upload a
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Data Тier To view the Data Tier, navigate to Data Tiers tab. Click Edit option to change its
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Other Settings Timekeeper – Timekeeper value appears in ExportData.xlsx. (optional) Customer Code – Default Name: Default. You can add your customer code here to activate a specific functionality in MaxBilling. Select Consider Repository Workspace - if Consider Repository Workspace option is selected upon report generation, Publish Data File Size billing item usage will be recalculated using the below formula, if a Workspace is
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Storage Type Configurations Edit the Repository entry to chose the formula which specifies how the Repository workspaces billable size will be adjusted. You can choose between: Publish Data File Size = Linked Total File Size + (Publish Data File Size-Linked Total  File Size) / 3 or Publish Data File Size = Publish Data File Size - Linked Total Billable File Size Edit the Cold Storage entry to set ratio which specifies how the Cold Storage workspaces billable size will be
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Invoice Templates This setting refers to Invoicing functionality. To add Invoice Template, populate the following fields: Template Name: this name is for internal information, not being shown on the invoice. Invoice Start Number: Autoincrement field - it increases on every generation and is no longer editable once it is set. Note: Invoice Start Number field accepts any characters, once the last character is a digit.  Upon each invoice generation, the digit is being incremented, and the rest
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Invoice Information Fields This setting refers to the Invoicing functionality. To add Invoice Information Field, populate the following fields: Field Type: Attorney Info – the field refers to the Receiver information section of the generated invoices. Fields of this type are available for selection when you add Attorney Information. Adding Invoice Information fields of type Attorney Info allows you to show this information in the Receiver section or in the Additional Information section
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Attorney Information This setting refers to the Invoicing functionality. Adding Attorney Information fields allows you afterwards to create Invoice Mappings. To create Attorney information entry, populate the following fields: Attorney First Name: Attorney first name. Attorney Middle Name: Attorney middle name. (optional) Attorney Last Name: Attorney last name. Invoice Information: select from Invoice Information entries with field type Attorney Info. (optional). The information in the