MaxBilling Installation

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Initial Installation If this is the first MaxBilling installation for the Relativity® instance, to install MaxBilling: Upload the provided .RAP file in the Application Library Select a designated for MaxBilling workspace to install If this is a Relativity Server instance, one more step is required to finalize installation: Create MaxBilling PostInstallUpgrader Agent License Key To work with the application, you need to have a valid License Key. To request a License Key, once you have the
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MaxBilling Agents MaxBilling ships with the following agents: MaxBilling PostInstallUpgrader Agent – executes the necessary upgrade changes on the application’s components after each new installation. MaxBilling Daily Statistics Collector Agent - collects statistics for the dtSearch Index, Analytics Indexes, Native, Image and Production Peak File Size, Case Flow and Language Services statistics on a daily basis. MaxBilling Daily Statistics Collector Agent - collects statistics
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Instance Settings – for RelativityOne only AccountKey, AccountName and TableName Instance Settings are utilized for reading the information about the Stage Fence data size from a designated Azure resource (for more information please see Stage Fence Data File Size billing item in Case Rollup Pricing Items Description section section or contact AccountKey, AccountName and TableName are created in kCuraDashboard.AzureConnectionSettings section. They are not created
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MaxBilling Configuration MaxBilling can be installed on multiple workspaces within a Relativity® Instance. MaxBilling Configuration object is displayed on Admin level. Each MaxBilling installation can work for all the Clients or for specific Clients, or Client Domains. The scope of the installation is specified by adding the corresponding Client IDs to the MaxBilling Configuration.Note: The specific Client or Client Domain installations work restrictedly, so the end users can generate reports
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Uninstalling MaxBilling To uninstall MaxBilling: Uninstall the MaxBilling Relativity® application from the workspaces Delete MaxBilling Agents Delete MaxBilling Configuration Object Delete all MaxBilling Resource files. Note: If MaxBilling is installed on a RelativityOne environment, please contact Relativity Support for assistance with the application's agents
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*If you upgrade from a lower MaxBilling version, you must install this one first and then to proceed with the