Users Category

Users Category

The items in Users category allow you to charge users for access or logging in during the reported period.

To add a new pricing item to Users category:

  1. Navigate to Users
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
  • Relativity User Type – select the type of the Relativity® users to charge.
  • Priority Order – if a user is part of more than one charge, he will be charged based on the highest priority (0 is considered the highest). User Charge Priority Order allows multiple user charges in one Pricing.

Note: All Priority Order values should be unique on a Billing Item Type (User Charge – Logged In / User Charge – Had Access) within a Pricing.

  • Groups – an option to filter further the users who will be charged. All users who are members of the selected group(s) will be charged accordingly.
  • Groups Filter Behavior – If some groups are selected, the users in this groups will be included/excluded based on the selected behavior.
  • Type – select an item from the list:
    • User Charge – logged in – users will be charged if they had logged in during the reported period.
    • User Charge – had access – users will be charged if they had their access enabled.
  • Unit – select a unit which will be applied to the pricing type in the report.
  • Select whether the item to be considered as Billable in the report.
  • Enter a Unit Price to set the single price for pricing unit.
  • Enter a Discount % to set discount for the item. (optional)
  • Charge Level – select the charge level – Workspace, Matter or Client. The charge level determines if the users will be charged for each Workspace they have access to, or for each Matter (based on users’ access to the Workspaces, belonging to a Matter), or for a Client (based on users’ access to the Workspaces, belonging to a Client).

Note: When Matter/Client charge level is selected, the sum of the users’ charge will be considered in the total of the first Workspace, belonging to the corresponding Matter/Client.

Select a Price Type – you can find more details in Add Pricing Information

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