Processing Category

Processing Category

The items in Processing category represent the total usage (sum of the size or count) within the reported period, considering all Published or Published with errors Processing Sets.

To add a new pricing item to Processing category:

  1. Navigate to Processing
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
  • Type – select an item from the list.
  • Unit – select a unit that will be applied to the pricing type in the report.
  • Select whether the item to be considered as Billable in the report.
  • Enter a Unit Price to set the single price for the pricing unit.
  • Enter a Discount % to set a discount for the item. (optional)
  • Select a Price Type – you can find more details in Add Pricing Information
  • Select a Storage Type:
    • Review – to set a specific price which will be applied for Review workspaces only
    • Repository – to set a specific price which will be applied for Repository workspaces only
    • Empty – if the field is left empty, the unit price will be applied for any workspaces unless another entry with a specific Storage Type is created
  • Select Charge LevelAll Sets Combined or Per Set. The Charge level determines how detailed the processing information will be shown in the reports. All Sets Combined shows the processing billing information on a workspace level. Per Set shows more detailed processing billing information on a Processing Set level.

Note: Processing Charge Level Per Set cannot be used with Price Type Tiered Price.

Note: Items with Processing Charge Level Per Set will not be included in invoices generated with  Individual Report/Pricing items type of template.

Note: All Processing billing items should have the same charge level within a billing profile – either All Sets Combined, or Per Set.

Note: Only Published/Published with errors Processing Data Sources are considered for the reports.

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