Pricing Item Types

Pricing Item Types

To add a custom Pricing Item, populate the following fields:

  • Type – select the billing category to which your custom task belongs to – Task. (required)
  • Name – type the name of the custom task. (recommended)
  • Friendly Name – type some friendly name of the custom task. (optional)
  • Description – type more information about the custom task (recommended)
  • Allowed Pricing Units – select the applicable units. (recommended)

Note: Users will be able to select only from the allowed units when they add the custom task to a billing profile and when they add statistics regarding the custom task to the billing periods.

  • Billing Code – add information about billing code. (recommended)
  • E-Code – add information about E- code. (optional)
  • Cost Code – add information about Cost code. (optional)

To view a Pricing Item, click its name under Pricing Item Types subtab. Click Edit button to edit its Friendly Name, Billing Code, E-Code, Cost Code, Description.

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