Installation and Upgrade

Initial Installation

If this is the first MaxBilling installation for the Relativity® instance, to install MaxBilling:

  1. Upload the provided .RAP file in the Application Library
  2. Select a designated for MaxBilling workspace to install

If this is a Relativity Server instance, one more step is required to finalize installation:

  1. Create MaxBilling PostInstallUpgrader Agent

License Key

To work with the application, you need to have a valid License Key.

To request a License Key, once you have the steps described in the Initial Installation section completed, navigate to MaxBilling Configuration tab on admin level (this object is created by the MaxBilling PostInstallUpgrader Agent). Open the Configuration entry and click the ‘Generate License Request Key’ console button. Copy the generated License Request Key and send it to

Additional Installation

If you already have MaxBilling installed and now you want to install it on another workspace:

  1. Navigate to the Application Library and select the new Workspace to install

Once the installation is completed:

  1. Configure MaxBilling Installation (see MaxBilling Configuration).
  2. Request a License Key (see License Key)


To upgrade MaxBilling:

  1. Upload the provided .RAP file in the Application Library
  2. Upgrade the workspaces on which MaxBilling is installed
  3. Ensure all MaxBilling Agents are enabled.

Note: Before you start working with the new version of the application, make sure that the MaxBilling PostInstallUpgrader Agent has finished its next run after the upgrade is completed.



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