Generating Reports from Profile

Generate Reports from Profile

The billing reports can be generated either manually, or automatically – by setting schedules. (see Scheduler section)

Once you generate a report, using the options in the Report Console, you can download the report as a zip file, containing Excel and PDF files, send this zip file via email or generate invoices based on the report. (see Download Report Files, Send Report files, and Invoicing sections)

  1. Click Generate Report(s) in the Profile console.
  2. Select a Report Type:
  • One aggregated report for all clients on the profile – generates one single report for all the Clients in the Profile.
  • Separate reports for each client on the profile – generates separate Single-client reports for every client included in the profile.
  • One aggregated report for the whole Relativity instance – generates a single report for all the clients in the Relativity® This report type is applicable only for profiles of Instance type.

Note: “One aggregated report for the whole Relativity Instance” report type has been removed from MaxBilling version 5.0 and above.Instance Breakdown is allowed for “One aggregated report for all clients on the profile” report types.

  1. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the report.
  2. Select Included Report Items – the report breakdown specifies how the report information will be aggregated – by Workspaces, Matters, Clients, or Instance. Breakdown by Instance is applicable only for Instance Type reports.
  3. Select a Logo that will be added to the generated PDF report. (optional)
  4. Type Email Recipients. (optional)

7. Save. A report generation request is created and will be processed by an agent.

Note: Deleted Workspaces and Users are considered during the report generation. Once the date of deletion is after the start billing period date, they will be included in the reports with the corresponding statistics information, except for Processing.

The Processing statistics is stored in the workspaces’ DB and once they are deleted, they are not available.

All generated reports are listed under the Reports tab. The view includes general information for all reports. To review the detailed information for a specific report, click its name to open it.


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