Creating New Scheduler

Create New Scheduler

The MaxBilling Schedule allows you to automate the Report and Invoice generation process by applying different recurrence settings. You can have multiple Schedules, related to a single Profile.

To create a new MaxBilling schedule:

  1. Navigate to the Schedules
  2. Select New MXB Schedule.

3.Populate the following fields:

  • Name – type a name of the Schedule.
  • Billing Profile – select the Profile that will be scheduled
  • Report Type – the type of the Reports that will be generated
  • Report Period – the period for which you want the reports to be generated.
    • Cyclic – for the scheduled period and frequency
    • Incremental – with a fixed Start Date
  • Email Recipients – the recipients to whom the reports will be sent (optional)
  • Range – the time for which the Schedule will be working.
    • No End Date
    • Fixed Number of Occurrences
    • Fixed End Date
  • Frequency – the frequency of the report generation
    • Daily – reports generated every day
    • Weekly – reports generated on a fixed day of every week
    • Monthly – reports generated on a fixed day of every month
    • Yearly – reports generated on a fixed day of a month every year
  • Pattern – the pattern of the report generation occurrence
    • On Fixed Day of the Week – pattern for Weekly frequency
    • On Fixed Day of the Month – pattern for Monthly & Yearly frequencies
    • On a Fixed Date – pattern for Yearly frequency
  • Next Scheduled Run Time – shows the next run time of the schedule. (read-only)
  • Included Report Items – select Report breakdown. Breakdown by Instance is applicable only for Instance Type reports
  • Report Logo – select a Report logo
  • Report Fixed Start Date – the Start Date of the report (applicable for Incremental Report period)
  • Occurrences – the number of occurrences for the schedule (applicable for Fixed Number of Occurrences range)
  • End Date – the end day of the Schedule (applicable for Fixed End Date range)
  • Day – in this field you set a day of the month for the Monthly and Yearly frequencies. It is enabled if you choose Monthly or Yearly frequency.
  • Weekday – in this field you set a day of the week for the Weekly frequency. It is enabled if you choose Weekly frequency.
  • Month – in this field you set a month of the year for the Yearly frequency. It is enabled if you choose Yearly frequency.
  • Include Invoice – this option determines if invoices will be generated along with the scheduled report.

Note: If Include Invoice option is selected, follow the steps in Invoice generation section to have the Invoices generated by the Schedule along with the Reports.

You can view all schedules under Schedules tab.

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