MaxBilling Configuration

MaxBilling Configuration

MaxBilling can be installed on multiple workspaces within a Relativity® Instance. MaxBilling Configuration object is automatically created on Admin level.

Each MaxBilling installation can work for all the Clients or for specific Client(s)/Client Domain(s). The scope of the installation is specified by adding the corresponding Client IDs to the MaxBilling Configuration.

Note: Every time you install MaxBilling on a workspace, a new MaxBilling Configuration will be created automatically upon the next Post-Install Upgrader Agent run.

To configure a MaxBilling installation to work for all the Clients in the Relativity® Instance, populate Cliend IDs = -1.

To configure a MaxBilling installation to work for specific Clients/Client Domains, populate the Clients’ Artifact IDs in Client IDs field, separated by a comma.


Note: You are allowed to set multiple configurations with Client IDs = -1. This means that each installation will work for all the Clients within the instance.

Once you set a configuration, please wait until MaxBilling Admin Object Sync synchronizes all the objects with the corresponding ones in the new MaxBilling workspace.

Note: Do not remove any Client IDs once they were added to your MaxBilling configuration. You can only add new Client IDs.

Please contact for assistance with setting a MaxBilling configuration.

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