MaxBilling Configuration

MaxBilling Configuration

MaxBilling can be installed on multiple workspaces within a Relativity® Instance.

MaxBilling Configuration object is displayed on Admin level.

Each MaxBilling installation can work for all the Clients or for specific Clients, or Client Domains. The scope of the installation is specified by adding the corresponding Client IDs to the MaxBilling Configuration.

Note: The specific Client or Client Domain installations work restrictedly, so the end users can generate reports only for the Workspaces and Matters which belong to the specified Clients or Clients Domains. No billing information regarding Workspaces and Matters, which are out of the scope of the specific installation, is accessible from such MaxBilling workspaces.

New MaxBilling Configuration entry is automatically created upon the next Post-Install Upgrader Agent run, following a new installation.

Configuration for all Clients

To configure the new MaxBilling installation to work for all the Clients in the Relativity® Instance, edit the MaxBilling Configuration entry and populate Client IDs = -1.

Reports and Invoices for all the Workspaces and Matters can be generated from the MaxBilling workspace that has ClientID = -1 installation.

Note: The first MaxBilling installation ever within the Relativity® instance is automatically configured with Client IDs = -1.

You can set up multiple configurations with Client IDs = -1. Thus, each installation will work for all the Clients within the instance.

Configuration for specific Clients/Client Domains

To configure a MaxBilling installation to work for specific Clients/Client Domains only, edit the MaxBilling Configuration entry and populate the Clients’ Artifact IDs in Client IDs field, separated by a comma.

Only restricted Reports and Invoices can be generated from a MaxBilling workspace which was configured to work with specific ClientIDs.

Do NOT remove any Client IDs once they were added to your MaxBilling configuration. You can only add new Client IDs.

Note: Once an installation is configured, please wait until MaxBilling Admin Object Sync Agent completes its next run, before you proceed with working with MaxBilling application on the newly configured workspace.

Please contact for assistance with setting up a MaxBilling configuration.

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