Attorney Information

Attorney Information

This setting refers to the Invoicing functionality.

Adding Attorney Information fields allows you afterwards to create Invoice Mappings.

To create Attorney information entry, populate the following fields:

  • Attorney First Name: Attorney first name.
  • Attorney Middle Name: Attorney middle name. (optional)
  • Attorney Last Name: Attorney last name.
  • Invoice Information: select from Invoice Information entries with field type Attorney Info. (optional). The information in the selected fields will be shown in the Invoices according to the Invoice Mappings.
  • Attorney Email: Invoices will be sent to this email if you utilize the Send to Mapped Attorneys option upon the Invoices generation. The attorneys receive only the Invoices for the Workspaces/Matters/Clients to which they are mapped. The invoices for any unmapped Workspaces/Matters/Clients are sent to the email populated in the Default Mapping. (optional)

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