Analytics Category

Analytics Category

The items in Analytics category are being calculated based on the workspace peak value within the reported period, except for CA Index Size On Disc pricing item, which represents the sum of the size for the reported period.

Note: CA Index Size On Disc pricing item is not supported in Relativity® 9.7 and above.

To add a new pricing item to Analytics category:

  1. Navigate to Analytics
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
  • Type – select an item from the list.
  • Unit – select a unit which will be applied to the pricing type in the report.
  • Select whether the item to be considered as Billable in the report.
  • Enter a Unit Price to set the single price for pricing unit.
  • Enter a Discount % to set discount for the item. (optional)
  • Select a Price Type – you can find more details in Add Pricing Information

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